Monday 5th September 2011

Put together in 2002, through work, chance and love meetings, Junesex “is an association of musicians and non-musicians where each one brought elements of a world that the others didn’t know. On stage, there’s at least five stations and we switch all the time. Everything is interchangeable. The idea is that everything is possible”.

“So Fucking Chic”… that’s also the name of their first album, released in 2004. On the best dancefloors, people got hit by their cover of Run DMC’s “U B Illin’” (or how to make people dance to a baroque recorder) or their infectious housey anthem “Gets Close To Mine”. With their second album, “Sex In Times Of War” (2009) lovers have cuddled on the sweet “Ballad of Tom Scraw” (remixed by French minimal goddess Chloe) and on “Worst Than Love”, with remixes from Losoul and Gilb’r. Many went a step further on the oh so sexy “Are U gonna Dance”, which gained attention by featuring on the movie “LOL” OST.

Meanwhile, Junesex built two recording studios, founded the record label JIA and produced their friends Guillaume Fédou, Abtomat and Toothless Dancer, toured in Europe, made kids and provided a fews tracks to the cinema. Many have tried to sum it up : pop, minimal folk, electro funk, house, rock, acid love, chic sex, bodily fluids... only one label fits : Junesex.

The band is now recording their third album, produced by Rob (Phoenix) and Jack Lahana. To be released in summer 2012.

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