Friday 20th June 2014

"After what feels like a very long time of going through different propositions from different record companies we finally landed smoothly with Despotz Records in Stockholm Sweden for our upcoming album “THE SEARCH GOES ON”.

We decided early on to record the album in our very own Shrimpmonkey studios located in Thomas”Juneor”Andersson’s and Tobias Strandvik’s hometown Varberg, Sweden. We also had a clear idea of who we wanted to be the producer of the album, that person was long time friend and college mr Per Wiberg (Candlemass, ex Opeth, King Hobo, Spiritual Beggars etc). 

For different reasons we had no bass player when the recording sessions started so we asked Per Wiberg if he besides from being the producer also could help us out on the bass (yes, Per also plays awesome bass guitar for those of you who only have seen him behind the keyboards in different bands through the years). Per said yes and off we went recording the new material on and off during the summer of 2013. The new material came out brilliant especially after going through the producer Wibergs filter, also mr Wiberg played such fine bass guitar during the recordings so we just had to pop the question if he would be interested of becoming a fulltime member of the band. To our delight he once again said YES!, (cool stuff indeed).

We then went to Facination Street Studios, also located in Varberg, Sweden for mixing and mastering and after some time behind the mixing table Johan Örnborg presented the final mixes of the new tunes for us and it sounded great!. The final touches in the mastering department at Fascination Street was made by producer/chief engineer Jens Bogren.

So here we are at the beginning of 2014, Per Wiberg on bass and vocals, Tobias Strandvik on drums and Thomas”Juneor”Andersson on guitar and vocals KAMCHATKA! 


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