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Wednesday 29th August 2012

Goofball girl genius KEEL HER aka Rose Keeler-Schaffeler, has spent the last year uploading a new track to SoundCloud every day, receiving praise from MTV, Fake DIY, The Fly and soulmate R.Stevie Moore along the way.

Rose has recently taken her bedroom pop on the road with the aid of guitarist James Levitt and drummer Andrew Barnes. 

Keel Her will release their full-length debut on Critical Heights and the debut 7" Prize Catch is available now. 

The second 7" single Riot Grrrl will be available in December. The B-side is the charming You Would Be So Grossed Out If I did That, both tracks were recorded especially by Tye Die Tapes.

Since 2009, Rose Keeler-Schaffeler has been beaming out bite-sized fuzz-pop from her Winchester bedroom at an astonishing rate - 200+ songs so far, and with a hit rate that leaves zero need for editing. Her songs are direct and often sub-3:00, with a harsh punk sharpness, and at the same time have rainbow-hazy qualities that, with their spaced-out sonic palette, match her often-delirious song titles (sample – “You Would Be So Grossed Out If I Did That”.) So far the majority are posted directly to Soundcloud (the Demos 2012 album on her Bandcamp already contains 66-and-counting) but two physical KEEL HER releases are out worldwide – a tape on the fledgling label Maximum Violence Immediately (the Emanuel EP) and another (self-titled) on Italian Beach Babes, the DIY-minded London label run by Conan Roberts of Mazes and Graffiti Island.

As KEEL HER became a nascent live project too, with James Levitt (of Sheffield legends Bhurgeist and co-founder of Tye Die Tapes) on guitar and Andrew Barnes (who records as Maxwell Jump) on drums, KEEL HER featured on MTV’s Iggy website, and was named as an “Approved” artist in the CMU newsletter’s Valentine’s Day issue. Rose also flew out to Nashville in early 2012 to record/hang with fan and lo-fi demigod R. Stevie Moore, resulting in a bunch of recordings and a single on O Genesis Recordings, run by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. As new Critical Heights signees, and with a plethora of new recordings on the way, KEEL HER will continue to blaze her goofball, freak-power trail.

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