King Krule Sub-Sonic - Live Review


Tuesday 2nd April 2013

March 28th was the highly anticipated latest instalment of the Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live event, headlined by South London singer/song-writer King Krule.

Opening the event was the enigmatic troubadour known as Night Works, who's upbeat disco-indie performance was the perfect backdrop for the gig attendees to be greeted with as they turned up at venue The Garage. 

Next on was Arlissa, who was more than excited to be performing to her biggest audience to date. Her enthusiastic interactions with the crowd certainly got their attention, and the crowd was not left unsatisfied by her soulful performance of genre-crossing soulful melodies.

The audience was positively riled up ready for headliner King Krule who had undoubtedly been responsible for the event selling out so far in advance. Clearly one to make bold statements in the world of fashion, he looked urbane-cool wearing his paisley shirt depicting faces of the Virgin Mary, with top button done up and holding his guitar high and proud. The room was brimming full with a mixture of fans, all there to watch one of the hottest-tipped artist of the time. They sang along to King Krule’s past releases, and eagerly took in new material showcased at the event. With unprocessed, allusive lyrics, and a sound blending stripped-down elements of dubstep, experimental indie and jazz, this performance was simply astounding.

Ghostpoet also made an appearance at the event, as DJ in the second room, giving an incredible set after King Krule had finished. With a breakdown ranging from contemporary hyped tunes to risky hits which always paid off, he really made the night after the live performances.

Check the site for live footage and interviews over the next couple of weeks.

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