Wednesday 20th March 2013

Thinking about Murcia and Lima you instantly have a picture of two different touristic cities in mind. In this particular case, it's also the beginning of a new band ready to occupy their place in the actual pop scene.

Their resources aren't limited, because they had all the support and back up of the producer Raúl de Lara (Varry Brava, Second) at any time. Kuve has created during the last twelve months an album which sounds complex and emotional at the same time from the very first minute. This album includes and summarizes the evolution of a band that is ready to present their first album to the audience.

“Regresión” has all the necessary ingredients to become in a glowing, emotional and stimulating debut album. Do you need examples? “Mi mente en el congelador”, the opening song is a real ear catcher: each verse includes a reminiscent phrase to Garbage's sound echoes.

“Singapur” can´t be considered a step behind. With a contagious rhythm, full of positive energy the song shows immediately its hit potential, danceable and perfect to sing along. “Nadie te dijo”, the first single, catches you from the first note with their sharp guitars and its diabolic rhythm patterns won´t permit anyone to stand still. At the same time the duo shows the most sophisticated facet of their sound repertoire, including the most sincere lyric, full of declared intentions. 

There are more intimate moments: “Euritmia” causes seclusion, “Invisibles cuerpos” the most emotional song of all, with a chorus perfectly composed with the eclectic Maryan´s voice, is almost epic.

“Dando vueltas” was written with only one intention: to accompany the listeners from the moment they listen it first time for a very long time. “En círculos”, closes the album and approves the sensation created through the entire album: has born a band with clear ideas. Two people with songs, lyrics and a strong identity. Furthermore they have the flow to attract everybody on stage.

KUVE has a lot to offer including the ability to surprise. What´s the best about Kuve? That they have the perfect argument to get it: their first LP, “Regresión”.

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