La Bien Querida


Monday 19th January 2015

In July 2014 "Romancero" was released to mark the 25th anniversary of Elefant Records.

In October 2014 his new work "Premeditation" was released. It is the first of three Maxi-Singles, which together shape La Bien Querida's new album. This new project consists of three green colour vinyl Maxi-Singles in limited editions of 500 copies. Each Maxi comes accompanied by a video-clip for each single song and together form a mini movie.

On 6th January of 2015 La Bien Querida released "Nocturnidad”, the second Maxi-Single of this new project. On 6th March "Alevosía" the latest Maxi-Single, and a CD entitled "Premeditation, Nocturnidad Y Alevosía " that compiles songs of all Maxi-Singles will be published.

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