Wednesday 7th March 2012

Basic electronic beats, three female voices and German lyrics, both witty and poetic, combine to create LAING'S sound, setting it apart from anything previously known in German music.

LAING are three singers and one dancer from Berlin. Nicola Rost, lead singer, songwriter and producer is the creative core of this extraordinary group. The 26 year-old makes full use of her never ending inventiveness and craftsmanship to file, stitch and saw away at beats, lyrics, and stage outfits, long into the night. Always at her side, are the powerful voices of Susanna Berivan and Johanna Marshall, as well as the dancer and Choreographer Marisa Akeny. On stage, they are accompanied by the drummer Ketan Bhatti.

With the six songs on their debut EP “030/57707886“, they have been able to establish their own place between Kraftwerk and The Supremes. Glamour and gloom, irony and earnest, strength and sexyness go hand in hand.

A distinctive feel for the rhythm of the German language, as well as a weakness for subtle verbal deceptions are LAING’S trademark, along with a refreshingly unorthodox handling of electronic sounds and beats, which often seem to hit just the right spot, as if accidental.

In their live performances LAING surprise with bizarre and unusual props and accessories, along with original choreographies, perhaps most closely resembling a revue under the motto of “ Berlin 3000” as a journalist of the “TAZ”recently suggested. Through their concerts in Berlin clubs such as Bar 25, Tape, Berghain, Rodeo, Volksbühne, Weekend, Mauerpark and Lido, as well as performances as the supporting act for Whitest Boy Alive, Body Bill and Paula, LAING is a band which is spoken about - not only in Berlin.

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