Friday 9th September 2011

LAN is an electronic pop band from Berlin. On stage and in the studio the band members search for the undefined field between hooky pop-music and experimental electronic arrangements. Influenced by the berlin club scene and the last 50 years of pop-history the band creates songs that feel intimate and seem to be out of nowhere at the same time. The punk attitude of singer Colya Kärcher merges with his fragile vocal melodies.

The producers and band members Klaus Sebastian Klose and Henning Grambow remix the LAN- tracks live on stage. Their jazz-background is noticable in the dynamic way they improvise with beats, synths and noises. Always focussing on both, the hooky pop song and the uncompromising dance track.

It all began with the so called “LAN-Sessions” in the basement of a bar in Berlin Kreuzberg, where the later LAN-members synchronised their laptops and fought improvised sample battles. The improvisations led to songs. As a result LAN was founded in 2006. After more than 100 live shows in Germany, the Netherland and Scandinavia LAN started recording their first album. With two singles, LAN - Money and LAN - 90s, the album LAN - CU was released in 2010. On the album the band plays with melodies and fragments of club, rock, electronic and pop sounds. LAN’s music claims the universal love. This desire clashes with the context of everyday life reality. But LAN celebrates the awareness of frustration without depression. Each song is a veto to the now, but seems to have a promising perception of the the next day. Love is a piece of hatred, money is trouble and fun. LAN overcomes those differences - curious what will happen... CU tomorrow.

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