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Wednesday 8th May 2013

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Lars Vognstrup, the overall mastermind of Danish band Lars and The Hands of Light.

Singer and songwriter mr. Vognstrup formed Lars and The Hands of Light in 2009. Their first album, The Looking Glass was released in the spring of 2010, earning the band two radio smash hits in the singles “Me Me Me” and “Hey My Love, Hey Love!” This spring, they’re ready to present to the world their sophomore album, Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow.

Born in the sea port of Thisted in rural Northern Jutland as the Seventies came to a near close, it was obvious early on that Lars was destined to set sails on the deep waters of the world of music. Constantly playing and writing music, Lars was also messing around with his tape recorder, later on with his computer, and trying out every genre he could think off – or make up – from hip hop to gothic pop songs. 

The new millennium opened up new possibilities as Lars joined the touring band of hit-makers Junior Senior (move those feet!). They toured the world excessively, Lars playing guitar and doing backing vocals. During these years, Lars first formed the electro pop band Money Your Love with childhood friend Kim LAS, and they issued the single “For Kristoffer” in 2004, gaining instant success in Denmark. Also, being a man of collaboration, Lars had meet fellow songwriter Christian Gotfredsen back in Copenhagen, and while Lars went off to live in Mexico City, they recorded their debut album, Brand New Pants, that came out in 2006 in Scandinavia, Germany, an additional handful of European countries and in the US to unison critical recognition.

Lars’ touring days with Junior Senior was coming to an end, and he decided to settle in sunny LA, bringing along his girlfriend, Catharina (note how gentle she is hereby introduced into the story), where he was offered to join local band IMA Robot with whom he played numerous gigs and assisted in making the album Another Man’s Treasure. Lars also initiated a career as DJ and was called into the rehearsal room to help Ryan Gosling’s band, Dead Man’s Bones, getting their live act together. But in the end, the urge to stand on his own two musical feet made Lars pack up his notes for a fresh bash of brand new songs and head back to Denmark to form the first incarnation of Lars and The Hands of Light. It was a four person combo, including Lars’ sister, Line Vognstrup, who had made her debut singing with his former band Wolfkin.

Their debut album, The Looking Glass, had an investigative, yet straight forward pop-sensibility to it that instantly caught on with music listeners both in Denmark and in various other European countries, especially in France as the single “Me Me Me” earned the band a regular hit, leading to TV-performances and intensive touring in France, Germany and Benelux. The band was also seen opening for among others The Raveonettes and Belle and Sebastian, and the EP Me Me Me 12” with remixes by electronic whiz Trentemøller, legendary Laid Back (ride that White Horse!), and Money Your Love was released.

The years Lars spend touring with Junior Senior and later on with his own band, including representing Denmark at the NOMEX showcase, Hokuo Music Night in Tokyo in May 2012, he never missed a show – except once. Back in 2010, Lars married Catharina (see?), and one year later on, Lars was in Austin to perform at SxSW when his wife called to tell him his daughter was on her way a few weeks prematurely. Rio was born, but the proud father missed both childbirth and his gig, caught somewhere over the Atlantic in a feverish attempt to make it back home in time.

Now, with his wife actually being pregnant again, Lars is ready to present to the world a brand new vigorous album: Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow. Lars and The Hands of Light was never meant to be a close-knit band, so this time, Lars and Line are teaming up with drummer/producer/songwriter Kristian Mondrup of Kala OK and various others talented musicians to bring to you an album of inventive, intelligent and insisting music made only for your listening pleasure.

Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow will be released in Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux on April 29th 2013. The first single, “Time to Glow”, will hit your ears in late March 2013.

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