Last Lynx


Friday 17th January 2014

When the Swedish pop band Last Lynx released their first single ”Killing Switch” in late 2012, bloggers and magazines all over the world praised the band. British newspaper The Guardian featured ”Killing Switch” as song of the month and the French music and television personality Ariel Wisman played the song as ”song of the day” on the daily show ”La Nouvelle Edition”  at Canal+.

When the song started to climb the charts of the prestigious web site Hype Machine the attention got to another level and radio stations in Sweden, US, UK and France instantly put the song on rotation and helped spreading the word of Last Lynx.

”Killing Switch” was #1 on Hype Machine’s ”Most Popular Track” chart for two weeks and in early December, Last Lynx was #1 on the ”Most Blogged Artist” chart. The recent success has brought the band to the US and a tour around Sweden.

On April 10th Last Lynx released their second EP called ”Ocean Reels” and has now set focus on a tour in Europe. 

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