Late Great Fitzcarraldos


Tuesday 6th March 2012

TLGF is without doubt the most interesting all stars team in the thriving Copenhagen indie/alternative scene right now.

The Copenhagen and L.A. based band is a veritable heavyweight team of acclaimed musicians from the Copenhagen rock, indie and pop scene, united by their unique styles, tone of voice and exquisite taste

The music of TLGT is a masterful combination of meditating hymns and catchy pop rhythms, sending your thoughts back to other masters like Otis Redding, Brian Eno and John Cale.

TLGF released their debut EP in the fall 2010 followed by an album in the spring 2011 to raving reviews in the Danish music press. After only a hand full of sold out and very successful national concerts the band is now ready to spread their tunes to the rest of the world, starting with Germany late this summer, followed by UK + France. Leading Danish Indie label Fake Diamond Rec (Oh Land) is releasing the record through WordAndSound & Rough Trade distribution. 

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