Lazytalk Video Premiere


Tuesday 2nd December 2014

LazyTalk, from London Town, are here to tell you stories about love, life and the messed up world in which we live. Fusing Indie, Reggae, Ska and Punk, they make music that comes from the heart and lace it up with ‘rootsy’ beats that make you wanna dance. Influences from seminal bands like The Streets and The Specials, and underground sounds across jungle and dancehall. Self-declaired Future Fusionists, Lazytalk are a first favourite of Fred Perry Subculture, making our 'Ones to Watch 2015' list, and now, very pleased to present the exclusive premiere for their band new video for their exceptional tune 'Style'. 

In the past year the group; Piers (lead vocals), Jack Wilson (guitar, vocals), Sam Woodward (drums, vocals) Josh Culter keyboard, sax) and Tag Ara on bass, have supported Babyshambles on their UK Tour, appeared at The Roundhouse and Scala in London, The Great Escape in Brighton and appeared at festivals across the UK and Europe including Isle of Wight Festival, Leefest and Rock for People in the Czech Republic. The band released their highly aclaimed debut EP Luzaville, last year.

Original and thoroughly engrained in the British tradition of fine roots musicians, LazyTalk are a bright new hope, offering music fans something different under the banner of Future Ska, taking old school sounds and reinventing them for the modern day. 

The band also answered a few questions for us in this exclusive interview.

How did you all meet and decide to make music together?
Some of us knew each other when we were kids when we wanted to be DJs and MCs. The guitars came later... Some of us have been picked up along the way, all with a common aim of making music that was original and true to us, and what we might like to listen to when we go out.

How did you decide on your band name?
A friend told me I was always lazy talking... 

How would you describe your sound?
Bouncy and heartfelt Britpop

Who did you grow up listening to?
I grew up listening to Beatles, Stones, Kinks etc.. Soul and Motown through to Madness and the Clash, and even old country like Johnny Cash. Later it was hip hop and American punk, jungle and garage, dancehall. All sorts I guess

What influences you, other than music?
The world and everything in it.. 

What new music are you listening to at the moment?
I'm still getting through the old stuff, I recently discovered William Enyabor.. Having been to Nigeria a couple of times I enjoy Afro beat and this guy is one if the best. I also recently turned onto a band called the war on drugs..  Sleaford mods are pretty shouty and the actual music is unashamedly basic sounding but at least they are shouting about things that are relevant to everyday people which is refreshing in an industry that encourages superficial songwriting with little or no depth (sorry couldn't help myself) but what do I know. the majority of people love bland pop that is.. Maybe the new generation don't know any better, worth considering as we celebrate over 10 years of The X factor !?

Do you associate with any subcultures, or did you ever, growing up? 
I like to think I'm a junglist soldier. 

What do you think of the London music scene right now?
The only scene i know of in London in the sense of a 'scene' like what we had with The Libertines. Exciting  new bands, rebellious characters, drugs and all that is in south London in and around Brixton, queens head pub, the fat whites, and all assortment of movers and shakers present. No era defining songs come out of there just yet tho

What's been the best show you've played recently and why? 
Supporting The Specials at The Roundhouse was fun. Seeing some of the original Tu Tone crowd out in all the clobber was a great atmosphere The Specials still sound fucking great an all 

Who are your biggest style Icons?
The Specials had a great style I think, it was smart, sharp without being showy..  
You don't necessarily have to look  at celebrity magazines to find the best style. You can find style icons on the streets of London everyday. I try to be stylish on limited budget, so I like retro shops (not west end rip off joints) I'm torn between a certain casual street style and a more mature style as I get older. You can't beat a sharp suit tho can ya..

What's next for the band?
I'm not sure what's next, I think we should prob record an album or summit.. Some sort of solid legacy to the music we have made. Maybe even sell a few 

If you could have any artist cover you, dead or alive who would it be?
Ian Dury & The Blockheads


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