Documenting Street Art In London

Thursday 25th August 2016

Banksy?, Tottenham

In the year that sees London celebrate 40 years of Punk, it's often easier to see the legacy of counterculture in the city, than it is to hear it. Street art embraces many of the familiar tribes (old and new) and has arguably become a subculture its own right, as well as a powerful avenue for the expression of young ideas.

LDNGraffiti is an authentic, ongoing documentary of graffiti and street art in London. Established in 2010, LDNGraffiti set up by street art enthusiast, Joeppo in response to the endless social media streams to provide a cohesive document of the many great artists and writers working in London today, and yesterday.

Taking an ‘objective’ viewpoint, it attempts to photograph all forms of creative expression from stickers, stencils, paste-ups, street art interventions and murals, through to modern innovations in graffiti – handstyles, dubs, wall pieces, burners, productions and the last few 'Halls of Fame' in London.

Joeppo photo-documents London and updates LDNGraffiti as often as possible. LDNGraffiti is self-funded and is entirely independent with its blog featuring a searchable archive of over 30,000 photos, A-Z artist collections, interviews, event listings, videos, books and the occasional competition.

LDNGraffiti’s first book ‘London Graffiti and Street Art’ is available online and in all good bookshops.

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