Lightning Love


Thursday 2nd February 2012

Detroit’s Lightning Love have just released their new EP, "Girls Who Look Like Me" (Quite Scientific Records), a follow up to 2007's November Birthday LP

"Girls Who Look Like Me" marries Ben Collins’ synth and pop soundscapes to Aaron Diehl's assured drumming and big sister Leigh's fairytale vocals. Opening cut and first single “Deadbeat” is a sugar rush that hits all the right marks, while “When You Sleep” shuffles into more bucolic terrain, referencing 60’s-era folk rock.

"I Know" comes on slightly more insistent and less whimsical, staccato piano notes played to punctuate anxious lyrics:

"Get up, get up, I'm out of time again / I'm late for what I started, and for all that I just can't begin / The time goes by so fast that my head spins…"

The EP closing "Wake Up and Find Myself" is spare and bit haunting; simple piano, flute and vocals that sound as if they were recorded inside the witch's oven just as she was preparing for lunch with Hansel and Gretel.

Lightning Love will follow up "Girls Who Look Like Me" with another full-length record this spring. In the meantime, the band is gearing up for some shows in Austin, Texas during the South by Southwest Music Conference, 9-18 March.


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