Friday 20th March 2015

The new album from Lonelady 'Hinterland' (meaning the 'country behind' in German), is released March 23rd (2015), delivering highly intelligent electronic pop taking inspiration from the urban landscape of Manchester and post-punk electronic music.

Read our short interview with Julie Campbell and watch the videos for 'Bunkerpop' and 'Groove it Out', taken from the new album, below.

It feels like a long time since we first saw you performing at the Dot to Dot Festival in 2010. How has your music changed in that time?

With 'Hinterland' I let the drum machine do its thing, and it forms the core of the album; a simple machine groove on top of which I can be quite playful with arrangements and allow the structure of the song to take twists and turns. I've always loved electronic, dance and funk music and I think these elements are coming to the fore more on the new album.

From Eno to Factory Records, your music appears to reference some touchstone moments from music history. Which British ‘subcultures’, if any, have most inspired or influenced you?

I think it's hard to maintain any true subculture in the modern era when moments and ideas get transmitted and shared so instantaneously. I find myself instinctively drawn to a lot of post-punk music that existed around the late seventies into the early eighties. It's something to do with where the synth, drum machine and recording technology was up to, but it also seems to represent a climate of energised, awake music. I just missed out on rave culture... large, disparate groups meeting in temporary sites, a field or an aircraft hangar to listen to techno, house etc and dance, in a corporate-free atmosphere... that woulda been good.

Tell us a little about how Manchester, as a city, has shaped your work, and your new album ‘Hinterland’?

I think environment has a strong impact on a person. The post industrial landscape is where I grew up, I've always lived here, and this became an inescapable part of my psyche. Ideas around psychogeography really describe how I spend most of my time, and long urban walks have become a part of my routine over recent years, and are a creative starting point for me. I recorded 75% of this album in my home studio, Concrete Retreat, which is a towerblock next to The Mancunian Way; I'm surrounded by concrete and it can be oppressive, stern yet kind of beautiful too; and this undoubtedly shapes the kind of sounds I'm attracted to and want to make. 

What was the last record that you bought?

Daniel Avery 'Movements EP' and Cabaret Voltaire Archive #828285 Live.


Purchase Hinterland on Beep here, and find out more about Lonelady over on Warp at warp.net/artists/lonelady and at the Concrete Retreat here.

See Lonelady Live in April at:
08/04/2015 - Nottingham - Bodega
10/04/2015 - London - Oslo
13/04/2015 - Bristol - Louisiana
14/04/2015 - Brighton - The Haunt



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