Long Long Showers


Friday 17th January 2014

The strength of a pop bands' sound may lie in as much of what it does not sound like as in what eventually sweeps into your ear. With five members, all influenced by different angles but with equal authority, a veto might do just as well as a melodic contribution in the quest for an unique expression in the pop world's most ordinary set of instruments. In Long Long Showers' music, the listener will experience western world culture clashes worn with trembling vocals, all delivered with passionate multiplicity.

In 2011, Long Long Showers released their self-titled debut EP digitally worldwide through the label Urband&Lazar. This has led to, among other things, placements in MTV and ABC shows.

In Autumn 2013 the singles and standard-bearers in the processing work of "This and the Distance", will be released.

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