Los Jardines de Bruselas


Monday 12th November 2012

Los Jardines de Bruselas is Ezequiel de la Parra's one-man-bedroom-band. He's an Argentinian of 24 who finds inspiration in dreams to create music. This concept was first stated in his debut album, Floating in Dreams, which appeared in 2010 following a DIY philosophy. The lyrics refer to dream landscapes and settings, where a psychotropic party in the woods can serve as a metaphore for a melacholic being. The music video for "Changing, Just Growing" was coherent with the surreal ideas that make up the song and the whole album.

As the project became well-known, Ezequiel decided to call some friend musicians to start a band and play live. The show is eclectic, suitable both for a quiet venue or the dancefloor. The band has already played in the best clubs in Buenos Aires.

The next step for Ezequiel was writing and recording his sophomore album, making the most of all he had learnt so far but trying to achieve a more proffessional and innovative sound. The album was written and produced by Ezequiel in his homemade studio, but this time he had collaborators.. The album was mixed by Santiago de Simone in Buenos Aires and mastered by Paul Gold (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, LCD Soundsystem, etc) in New York.

Why Are We Here?, the first single of this new album, was released two months ago with a space and futuristic-tribal sound. Following that concept, Los Jardines de Bruselas will release his new album called Light and Glow on September 28th. The new production will be based on some surreal experiences that Ezequiel starred in some enchanted city under the sun and surrounded by animals, fountains, eskimos and butterflies. All these characters will star in each of the eight songs that will be included on this new production.

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