Tuesday 2nd October 2012

In 2010, Vocalist Jeffrey Kaare Hessellund and guitarist Jakob Birch joined forces to form Lovespeed, with a shared vision to attack the rock and pop music scene.
Jeff's Jagger strut and undeniable magnetism are the diesel fumes driving this group of 5 mad musicians. They will seduce you through every chamber of your heart, with gritty soul-injected guitar lines, rich orchestral landscapes as well as simple, acoustic honesty.

Your next ear to face meeting with Lovespeed will be a love-empowered, energetic romp with a group of damn fine Danish boys.

Lovespeed is a “poetic rock band” based in Copenhagen. Just recently signing a major record deal the band is now preparing to go to the studio and record their first album in the fall of 2012. This year Lovespeed has played at recognized Danish festivals for upcoming artists such as “Spot festival” in Aarhus and Copenhagen’s “Vesterbro festival”. Since the group was formed, they have determinately been working on a strong and varied song catalogue, while also experimenting with different sounds and genres. This led to the recording of three songs in the autumn of 2011, where the band uses elements from psych-rock, folk, funk, reggae and even dance music - all finely balanced by Jeffrey’s nerve-cutting melodies. The band’s musical inspirations range from some of the 60’ies and 70’ies most popular rock and folk icons to modern shoegazing Indie bands, as well as some of the present mainstream pop and electronic artist. “Good songs are found within all genres – or sometimes in complete silence.”

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