Tuesday 30th September 2014

They had been eyeing each other for a while, the 5 members of the new Danish noise-pop band Lowly, before they finally joined forces.

Each of the members had had their individual projects, released music themselves and had respective success through genres such as Electronica, Rock, HipHop, Folk and Jazz (yes, a genre for each member). “we all respected and admired each other’s music a lot before actually playing together, maybe there was a fear of ruining something already great, but when we finally did it, it turned out that we could make something together we couldn’t have done alone. And relying on that we’ve created music totally new to us all”.

The clash of the different genres isn’t outspoken as a fusion of jazz and rock and electronica could be, they draw their sounds from heroes such as Tame Impala and Talking Heads with the intuitive vibe in mind:

“We’ve created the 5 songs on the EP with the energy from our rehearsals, not from a lot of postproduction. We want to be able to feel the inspiration and curiosity on the record. And we really hope, that comes across."

The band consist of two lead singers mostly singing in unison adding to the chorus’y psych vibe, Nanna Schannong and Soffie Viemose also playing respectively guitar and laptop. Kasper Staub on synthesizers, Thomas Lund on bass and Moog and Steffen Lundtoft on drums and percussion.

Their first single is called Daydreamers and can be heard and watched here. "Daydreamers is a song that means a lot to us, it was the first song we wrote together and where sort of found each other and found the sound that we wanted to pursue”.

Band Website

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