Ludwig Van


Wednesday 1st October 2014

The Danish-German border might be quite far away from San Francisco, but it seems to have inspired some young folks to make a new record. At least the title of the upcoming second album from Indie Rockers Ludwig van is ”San Franfiasco”. But why? Well, you could think that ”San Franfiasco” might be a synonym for the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is where the record was written over the last years. Furthermore, to get there from their hometown Flensburg (Directly at the German and Danish Border), you have to cross the Great Belt Bridge, which is kind of similar to the Golden Gate Bridge. Only it is somewhat greyish. So Copenhagen might be some kind of turned around San Francisco thing. No matter what, the album is new and definitely something special. The Baltic Sea has been a huge inspiration to the new album and no matter what they actually were thinking of when they made ”San Franfiasco” it just worked. The record is an Indie-Rock journey. You see yourself running from the middle of nowhere towards the open sea, gaining more and more freedom with every single step you take. In your ears you hear a special voice mixture of The Cure’s Robert Smith and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan combined with a lot of great instrumental hook lines from 80’s House Keys and muff bass guitars. The beat is an ongoing stream like a river or the ocean that goes on and on and on. The new Ludwig van album is definitely worth listening to."Green Land" is a hint of how the band has grown and developed since the release of their first album "Home Is Where Your House Is" in 2011. It's bigger, sharper, but suits perfectly to those catchy melodies which marked the first release. With nice combination of 70's organs, 80's House keys, and good punch of Indie-Rock, Ludwig van is ready to show that they are not only an upcoming band, but can soon be counted among established artist in the music industry.

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