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Thursday 11th October 2012

Luke Turner is one of the co-founders of online music magazine The Quietus, as well as a freelance journalist for the likes of NME, The Stool Pigeon, Dazed & Confused and The Guardian. He enjoys proper shoes, and spending in ordinate amounts of money on vinyl records of stern music.

01. Land Observations - Before The Kingsland Road: James Brooks - for Land Observations is he - is inspired by the ghostly echoes of the Roman Roads that the marching Legions left across the European landscape. In this, the opening track of his new album on Mute, he imagines what the now hipster-ridden landscape of Kingsland Road, London was like back in the times when crested hairpieces were not ironic.

02. Goat - Disco Fever: Goat's psychedelic odyssey World Music has been something of an underground smash this autumn, and this is one of the highlight tracks, sounding as it does like a group of fans of innumerable genres of far-out music capering around the fire in the nuddie after a particularly hectic peyote session.

03. Colorama - Delaware: This track might be named for one of America's least glamorous states, but Welsh group Colorama give a mystic twist with this great piece of urgent psychedelia. The parent album, Good Music, is released on AED, the record set up by the gentleman Edwyn Collins, his wife Grace and A&R man of some infamy, James Endeacott.

04. Bo Ningen - Daikaisei Part 1: Few groups rock as hard as Bo Ningen, the London-based troupe from Japan who've gained a fearsome reputation for their magnificent live show over the past couple of years. This is but one stand-out track from their new album Line The Wall, out on Stolen Recordings, one of the best rock records this year.

05. Toy - Dead & Gone: It is customary when writing about Bo Ningen to go on about their impressive hair - and the same is so for Toy, who support the kind of barnets last seen in naturist camps during the 1970s. About to embark on their first headlining tour of the UK, Toy deal in sharp-yet-cosmic escapist pop, as evidenced by  gearshift epic 'Dead & Gone' here.

06. Liars - Brats: While much of Liars ace sixth album WIXIW is characterised by a reflective electronic approach, this track (their new single) is a pugnacious creature that really bares its teeth when played live… which is handy, as the LA-based group are in the UK this month. Expect much lunacy from 23-foot-tall Australian singer Angus Andrew.

07. My Disco - Closer: Like Liars, Melbourne's My Disco have a knack for twisted rhythms that, if you go and see them live, might make you think of a less-dour Shellac playing techno. Their last album, Little Joy, was an under-regarded highlight of 2011… and handily they're in the UK this month, including a date at Birmingham's brilliant Supersonic Festival and a show we at The Quietus are putting on in London.

08. Savages - Husbands (Live In Bristol) Anyone who watched Jools Holland the other week would have seen Savages rip the television show to shreds with a brilliant performance of this track, currently featuring on a new live 7". I saw their first ever gig back in January, and even then they silenced the room, rather than shambling around like sloppy Smurfs as is the wont of most new indie bands. 2013 is theirs for the taking.

09. Tame Impala - Elephant: (Todd Rungren Remix) Tame Impala are rather the wrong kind of hairy for me in their unadulterated form, but this Todd Rungren remix is something else, largely because it gives the track a bit of a wash, shave and tidy-up with some added electronic textures.

10. Tim Burgess - Tobacco Fields: The Charlatans man describes his new solo album, written with Kurt Wagner of Lambchop, as "country and north western" in its bringing together the sounds of Nashville and Manchester. This deeply affecting track, my favourite from the album, definitely seems to have more of the latter about it, though. Check out Perc's remix too if you can.

11. Carlton Melton - Photos Of Photos: More subtle than your common-or-garden space rock, Carlton Melton take you into thee outer reaches with a new album of fine nautical nomenclature and relaxed, spacey voyages. Will also be playing at Supersonic and elsewhere this month.

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