Luke Turner's Spotify Playlist III


Thursday 28th November 2013

Luke Turner is one of the co-founders of online music magazine The Quietus, as well as a being freelance journalist for the likes of NME, The Stool Pigeon, Dazed & Confused and The Guardian. He enjoys proper shoes, and spending in ordinate amounts of money on vinyl records of stern music. 

Here's Luke's latest playlist, exclusive to Fred Perry Subculture, as the end of 2013 draws near. 

Daniel Avery - Water Jump

The brilliant opening track from Daniel Avery's debut album Drone Logic, released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label. A long-time resident at Fabric, Avery has made a lissome, bouncing record that, within its house and techno sheen, has an indie DNA that at times recalls My Bloody Valentine. It'd have been perfect music for 2am at Trash, the legendary London club where Alkan and Avery first met.

Real Lies - World Peace

This new trio have been favourites of ours at The Quietus since they first appeared a few months ago. This is perfect London music that finds itself somewhere in the space between early 90s Manchester, The Pet Shop Boys and pirate radio, and here has a bikini-beach-arm-wave-summer vibe. Suspect they'll get massive next year.

Kelela - A Lie

Kelala's A Lie has a similarly wistful, evocative air, helped along by her soulful vocals and sampled birdsong that's certainly lifting me clear out of the cold, bleak, mouse-infested and soon to be demolished concrete factory I'm writing this in. With her background in grime, it's perhaps surprising that A Lie fits rather well alongside...

These New Puritans - Field Of Reeds 

...These New Puritans' Field Of Reeds, the title track of their incredible third album. Said record rather shows up how poor the Mercury Prize is these days, as the band were bizarrely not nominated this year. Still, perhaps that suits the record as it is, an exploration of love amid the tides and ooze of the Thames estuary.

Grumbling Fur - Dancing Light

This is taken from Glynnaestra, one of The Quietus' favourite albums of 2013. Grumbling Fur are Daniel O'Sullivan and Alexander Tucker, two artists who are prolific in various solo and side projects... but this is the best, full-bodied pop vocals over multi-instrumental oddness, like choir boys led astray by some local expert on ancient folklore. 

Rose Elinor Dougall - Strange Warnings 

A Grumbling Fur duet with Rose Dougall would be something to hear. This track, which evokes Stereolab and the dearly departed Broadcast, is taken from her brand new EP Future Vanishes, and is perfect melancholic pop to suit the great artwork - a wan sun disappearing behind what looks like an icy horizon.

Fat White Family - Is It Raining In Your Mouth?

From the decidedly lovely to the seedy, decadent, feral sounds of Fat White Family. This bunch of scrotes have, in Champagne Holocaust, made one of the funniest, darkest rock & roll albums of 2013, and it's been lodged on our office stereo since we first saw the brilliant video for their track Cream Of The Young. All together now... "FIVE SWEATY FINGERS ON THE DASHBOARD!"

Teeth Of The Sea - Reaper

Psychedelic music might be all the rage at the moment, but most of it leaves me rather cold - too guitar-dominated, too hair-shirt, too stoned, too macho. This is why the technicolor belters that Teeth Of The Sea have featured on their killer new LP Master are so refreshing. Reaper sounds like a space fighter pilot's night out at a gay disco. And is called Reaper... what's not to love?

Tal National - Kaani 

An entirely different take on percussive, transportative music comes from Tal National, who hail from Niger and whose album (also called Kaani) makes an appearance on The Quietus' best of 2013. Tal National's guitarist, known as 'Almeida', used to be a professional footballer, now works as a court judge and does humanitarian work in villages set up to support children in, which rather puts most feckless heroes of indie to shame.

Simon Fisher Turner - Chomolungma

From Africa to the top of Everest and Simon Fisher Turner's wonderful soundtrack to the silent film of the doomed 1924 expedition to reach the summit of the highest mountain on earth. Featuring Cosey Fanni Tutti (once of Throbbing Gristle) this is music that works as an album as well as to accompany the moving image.

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