Thursday 11th October 2012

With one foot in the arenas of anthemic British rock and the other in the dark basements of electronic sub culture, London three-piece LULS introduce themselves with an exhilarating and unmistakably current sound that is an art-informed take on both.

Having met playing music for mutual friends, the three-piece quickly started playing together, bringing together diverse musical backgrounds and generation-spanning influences into a sound that seeks to bridge the gap between the classic pop sensibilities of the Everly Brothers, cinematic grand gestures of John Barry and post-millennial experimentalism and jagged edge of TV On The Radio and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Their debut 7" single 'Swing Low/Young', released October 22nd on Transgressive imprint and ears-to-the-ground label paradYse (also home to releases by Theme Park and Cold Specks) and produced by Max Dingel, is a tour de force of larger-than-life, chant-like melodies with a darkly resonant emotional undercurrent, anchored in incendiary dynamics and towering production.

Already set to hit the road in the UK throughout October and November with indie modernists Spector and recent RCA-signees Swim Deep, LULS state-of-the-art, widescreen pop promises to quickly establish them amongst an exciting new wave of British guitar music.

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