New single - ‘Engine’

Thursday 11th June 2015

Publicly, Lunacre foster a sense of mystery and have been discrete during the creative process. While recording ‘Engine’ the band concealed themselves in their personal studio to masterfully craft their latest release with no outside production, mixing or mastering. The single will be the band’s first new material in 3 months, and will be the fourth track that they have released thus far.


On writing ‘Engine’ Ben (lead vocals) says, “The song is about motives and discovery. Generally speaking, I wanted to evoke the feeling of redefining something in your mind after having taken it for granted for a long time. It was written in quite vague terms and I hope people can relate to the ideas as well as find their own meaning in it.”

Lunacre have released four original tracks (including 'Engine') and are working on an EP including brand new material for release later this year. ‘Engine’ is an incredibly consummate single, which demonstrates the diversity of the group’s influences and capabilities, and the infrequency and quality of their releases means that you’re always left wanting more.

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