Tuesday 20th November 2018

Introduce yourself
I am LUNADIRA and I’m a singer-songwriter.

Describe your style in 3 words?
Comfortable, Silhouette-focused & interchangeable.

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?
It’s a staple that provides a structurally versatile silhouette that you can always change up!

What is the first song you played on repeat?
The earliest memory I have is of me repeating Señorita by Justin Timberlake on my MP4 player on my way to school in the mornings.

What is one record you would keep forever?
Definitely 'Apricot Princess' by Rex Orange County.

What is a song lyric that has inspired you?
“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along”
It’s such a simple line but it impacted me as a child growing up. I remember buying a cassette tape of Songs About Jane and shouting out these lyrics in my mum’s car during long car rides. It still rings in my head whenever I’m dealing with difficult situations so in a way that line has helped me a lot.

What has been the best gig you've been to?
I grew up listening to Maroon 5’s older discographies, and my first ever concert was Maroon 5 live in KL. It was their first time in Malaysia and it was my first time seeing them live so it was a pretty sentimental moment for me. But seeing the Last Dinosaurs when they came down for a festival in KL holds a special place in my heart. That’s where I met my best friend who I ended up writing Stuck With You for.

Who is your ultimate British musical icon?
Freddie Mercury! Queen!! Bowie!!! I can’t choose!!!!

What song do you wish you had written?
Anything that is written by Alex Turner, to be honest. That man has a way with words that makes me think about all the times I’ve spent cracking my head open trying to write heart-tugging lyrics. It seems like he doesn’t even need to try. “..And a helter skelter 'round her little finger and I ride it endlessly” just to say you’re wrapped around someone’s finger? Are you kidding me? Another line that really got me was

“And I elongated my lift home,
Yeah, I let him go the long way round,
I smelt your scent on the seatbelt,
And kept my shortcuts to myself.”

From 'Cornerstone'. It always gets to me, so 'Cornerstone' is one of the top songs that I wished I wrote.

Where do you go to see live music?
KL is still limited in terms of live music venues so you get to see the same people around for shows, which is nice. It’s usually jamming studios and small bars that I get to catch live acts in KL.

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