Thursday 5th September 2013

Lydmor is the name of the young singer, producer and composer Jenny Rossander.

Her heavily produced electro-pop hits and fragile piano based songs bring the listener to a world of dreamy, multifaceted soundscapes. In this world enigmatic lyrics merge with catchy melodies – carried by a voice you will hardly get out of your head.

By working together with upcoming Danish fashion designers, Lydmor also connects the intense musical experience of her solo performances and an extravagant setting to create a consistent overall picture.

Lydmor has performed at a lot of events and festivals such as Copenhagen Fashion Week, Trailerpark Festival, Smukfest, Gimle Sound Tjek and Nordic Delight, as well as she warmed up for WhoMadeWho.

Her splendid sound has also resulted in very different jobs as a guest singer; from the drum-and-bass duo Bottled In England, to Bon Homme, So-So Echo and Danish punk band Sort Sol.

Lydmor’s debut album A Pile Of Empty Tapes was released at Copenhagen Records in May 2012 in Denmark.


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