Debut track from emerging singer-songwriter

Wednesday 4th May 2016

‘Rabbit in the Headlights’ is the first track to emerge from Lyra, an Irish artist (born in Cork) who has managed to retain qualities of her native culture within a very contemporary piece of electronic pop music.

Lyra’s lyrical storyline in ‘Rabbit in the Headlights’ is about a rebuke to those who use to suggested she should adopt a different singing style: “I tried to sing differently for so much of my childhood - I even tried singing with a British accent! It made me unhappy trying to be something that I wasn’t” she explains. “Ultimately I learned I couldn’t be anything other than my true self -  I wrote this song to help myself and others realise, there’s only one you on this earth - be it”.

Lyra's accent is not the only Irish element to make it onto the track, with its drums making reference to the iconic Irish bodhran, which Lyra learned to play at aged 6, learning from her sister at her local church and performing at family gatherings. 

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