Mariam The Believer


Tuesday 7th May 2013

Raised in the suburbs of a small town, never felt I belonged but never really needing it either, have a Swedish mom born far up north, and a dad from Iran, who now lives in Brazil, have been calling numbers in a smoky Bingo hall, am brave, but have sometimes doubted everything, have had nodules on the vocal cords and thought I would never be able to sing again, travelled the Trans-Siberian Railway alone, lived in Beijing, toured Sweden when I was nine dressed as a mouse, have been cleaning staircases in Gotheburg, grew up with Persian cats, was dubbing cartoons as a kid, got married young, have lived nomadic life and toured around the world with a vocals and drums duo for four years in a row, think that what’s interesting arises in the spaces between, that the energy is everything, have at times not known where to go to, but yet always landed somewhere, but what’s most: music, to try to reach in there. Wanted to begin playing ele ctric guitar, so got myself a cream white Gibson in New York and started this project, started my own label Repeat Until Death, ‘cause this is what I’ll do until I die. Every new creative project feels as if starting all over, yet at the same time this is where I’m always trying to reach, to reach the core of everything.

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