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Monday 7th January 2013

When Marybell Katastrophy released their debut; the 5-song EP This is The One in December 2007, it was already one of the most buzzed and hyped bands in their native Denmark. Marybell Katastrophy had played big festivals such as the Roskilde Festival in July 2007 and the grand opening show at the Spot Festival (Danish answer to South By Southwest) in June 2007 - according to major Danish paper Politiken, this show was a "concert revelation".

This is The One got great reviews in the media, many declaring Marybell Katastrophy 'the best new band in Denmark'. It was released on two formats: 10-inch hand-numbered vinyl, limited to 500 copies, decorated by friends, family, local artists, children and. yeah, basically whoever came along (in other words: not a single artwork looked the same). And on download, initially only from where buyers can decide the price themselves.

A new 5-song EP followed in March 2008. You Are The Two - available on the same two formats. This time the 10" vinyl sleeves was decorated in an all-500-atonce graffiti event as a huge 40 m2 big painting. Again the reviews wereamazing - 5 out of 6 in the three biggest daily papers, and in the major music magazine too.

The debut full-length album - The More - followed on 24 November 2008. 15 songs, showing the wonderful, experimenting, playful and distorted world of Marybell. And again the critics loved it. According to major papers Information and Urban, The More was 'album of the year' in Denmark. The Danish National Radio nominated Marybell Katastrophy as 'Experiment Of The Year', in their 'P3 Gold' award show. Marybell was nominated in five 'Steppulv' categories (Critics' Awards in Denmark) in 2009. They picked up the 'Band Of The Year' award. After touring France, Italy, Germany and playing concerts in London and Dublin, The More was released throughout Europe and Asia in the end of 2009. Following the release Bat For Lashes invited Marybell to open for them on their German tour in 2009.

We have spend the last two years touring Denmark, Germany and a visit to Norway, but most of the time working on the upcoming album; Amygdala. In november 2011 a DK tour was setup to test the new material in front of a live audience and also to collaborate with local choirs. Our new album called Amygdala was self-released as a vinyl and on several digital platforms april 2012 and got a great reception of both audience and in the press (se Readthis file in dropbox), and at the SPOT festival 2012 we played a special show with german piano virtous Nils Frahm. Recently the biggest music magazine in Denmark GAFFA just nominated Amygdala for Best Band, Best Album and Best Electronic Release of 2012.

As a big surprise The Libertines asked Marybell Katastrophy as the only not-uk band to do a remake, in 24 hours, of one of their songs from Up The Bracket for a 10th year anniversary cd released with the music magazine NME.

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