Tuesday 17th July 2012

In the title of their album, Get Cold Feet, MARYLAND make reference to those moments when one must make a decision and doubts get the grip, moments taken both from their personal lives and their career as a band. This is illustrated on the cover of the album: the shadows of the members of the band inside an empty pool while they stay at the edge of it, out of the photo.

And listening to the album it would seem that it was their shadows that recorded it: these are their most direct and inspired songs. MARYLAND have thrown themselves into them and have left any kind of fear or doubt behind, taking another step forward in their career.

The album has been produced by Jaime García Soriano and Iago Lorenzo and recorded by Pancho Suárez de Lis. They have worked basically with the same team they worked with on their debut, those who know them the best, so as to make the album that captures the energy of their live shows.

Get Cold Feet is the second reference by MARYLAND. In order to enjoy it, just press play and leave all your doubts behind. Or go see them live, we bet your feet won´t be cold for too long.

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