Mick Jones

The Clash - Rock & Roll Public Library

Tuesday 16th June 2015

One of the most established and respected figures in British music, Mick Jones has opened his Rock and Roll Public Library as part of the 56th Venice Biannale. 


Mick Jones is a celebrated musician and producer, a bona fide cultural icon as guitarist, vocalist and songwriter of seminal punk band The Clash.
Widely referred to as 'the only band that matters', The Clash carried punk's revolutionary zeal to the world with pop art sensibilities matching politicised lyrics and music cross-cultural experimentation. Mick's formidable songwriting partnership with bandmate Joe Strummer produced some of the most influential songs of its era, including 'London Calling', 'Lost in the Supermarket', 'Spanish Bombs' and many more.  He was producer on The Libertines first two records 'Up The Bracket' and 'The Libertines' and the debut of Pete Doherty's Babyshambles 'Down in Albion'. Most recently he has produced Kitty, Daisy and Lewis: The Third and Sugarmen. 


His archive of popular culture is available to visit in Venice until November 22nd this year; it's an extraordinary collection of comics, magazines, newspaper climings, punk fanzines, recoved covers, posters, collected over the last forty years, and offering a rare insight into the life and times of Mick Jones as he grew up in post-war Britain. These items sit alongside paraphernelia of performance and merchandising materials from Jones' bands - including customised stage clothes, instruments, bright pink flight cases, recording gear, posters, photographs and song lyrics, all vie for attention with the countless first edition books, home taped VHS cassettes, boxes of correspondence, ephemera, toys and games that mark out his life and times.

Performances at the launch event came from Sugarmen, (who will be performing at the Fred Perry Sub-Sonic Live gig with Buzzcocks on 16th July), as well as Tom Bright and Mick himself.

Jones has also released unveiled a very limited edition collection of up tempo instrumentals called 'Ex Libris', pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl via The Vinyl Factory. Listen to 'Ex Libris' in full below. 

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