Oxford 5-piece's new single 'Sionara'

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Following their debut 'Tokyo' EP and two previous sold out headline shows, Oxford 5-piece Maiians return with new single 'Sionara' on April 20th. The epic new track is a master class in musical mind control and filmic elegance. Building in pace piece by piece, 'Sionara' teeters on the edge of the storm before soaring up into a haze of post-rock guitar, ground-shaking beats and jagged synths. With musical nods to Four Tet, Holy Fuck and Mogwai, 'Sionara' somehow manages to be both hypnotic and ear-worm immediate all at once. Since their conception in early 2014, Maiians have been turning heads with their double-drum propelled electronic and arresting live performances.


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