Milk And Biscuits


Wednesday 9th January 2013

Milk & Biscuits is a Brighton based dream//drone pop collective that started as a collaborative recording project of Brighton based musicians Matthew Davies and Max Erle in 2010. They released their debut EP Balcony Times‚ on Big Salad Records in 2011 to much excited blog chatter. Following this Milk & Biscuits developed into a live group consisting of friends from Brighton scene bands Restlesslist, Brakes, The Electric Soft Parade, Muddy Suzuki, Do You Feel What I Feel Deer and Field Music. Together they have collaborated with acclaimed artist and poet Gary Goodman for their first full-length studio album, Spirit Nap‚ which is due for release early in 2013.

The forthcoming single from Milk & Biscuits, White Noise‚, is blissful, hazily psychedelic indie pop anthem that fuses melancholic, tripped out mellotron lines, swooning boy/girl vocals and shuffling marching drums, building to a frantic, fuzz rock finale. Names that spring readily to mind on hearing the track include Belle & Sebastian, Stereolab, Blur era Blur and Granddaddy. 'White Noise' will be released as a digital single on Big Salad Records on 3rd Dec 2012.

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