Milky Chance


Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Milky Chance Authentic pop music? Chances are that such a thing does not exist nowadays. However, Milky Chance is getting quite close to it. Each and every song is made single-handedly and is passionately composed on a high level.

The young 20 year old from Kassel, surprisingly came to the fore, when he released his first stand-alone song in June 2012. Since then, his individually sounding songs win favor with exceedingly more young people. If one gets to the bottom of pop music, one will come across classical singer-songwriter elements, but Milky Chance absolves himself from the usual profile of this genre by revealing strong and present Dynamics. Dynamics, if nothing else shaped by his dominant guitar, which he uses to accompany himself in a way that still contains fragments of his distant roots – Reggae. Supplemented by electronic bass and percussions, Milky Chance creates an entirely new sound that differs from the common pop-moor still enthusing listeners of all ranks. Taste certainly is open to dispute whereas forming an opinion about Milky Chance’s musical quality can only arrive at one single conclusion.


As he doubtlessly knows his business, any song conveys a specific and fascinating mood that almost touches everybody: the feeling of experiencing something special - something beyond affection. With good cause Milky Chance therefore strikes a certain contemporary chord: Anybody is capable of doing anything. A whole generation is repressing its purposelessness, clutching at straws of spontaneity and striking distance, dodging any calculation or consideration. Perhaps Milky Chance's success is only temporary, simply being an alternative for this generation that desperately tries to identify themselves with something individual - a generation that does not have the heart to declare Dubstep the official anthem of its era. Milky Chance is providing an opportunity to switch off your mind, to feel and just let it go. Music that saturates the body, that incites to dance, that does not pressurize nor insist but rather comes to the aid of those who drift. Finally we can now proudly announce the launch of Milky Chance’s debut album “Sadnecessary” containing eleven, unique Songs. Official date of release will be the 1st of June 2013, broadcasted by Lichtdicht Records, a young label from Kassel.

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