Monsieur Cactus


Wednesday 4th September 2013

Monsieur Cactus is a pseudo musical duo that has been growing in Barcelona’s underground cabaret scene. Now, after more than two years carrying around top hats, feathers and glitter the time has come to offer something more intimate in the form of little musical catharsis served in a particular style, always coloured with the essence of cabaret and entertainment. They are experimenting and enjoying this new path they’ve taken and hope they will be able to go further and express deeper things than mere “divertimento”.  

Born to the night around may of 2011 presenting their acts around Catalonia in several and different places like “Cafè Noir”, “La Nit” and in all kinds of events like festivals, local parties and private celebrations.

In February 2012 they joined the cast of “Noches de Cabaret” (“Cabaret Nights”), a weekly-themed music hall show in which they would present a different show each week in aDa ARTS conducted by the international vedette Lady BonBon.

In September of that year they took the lead of the cabaret shows in aDa ARTS presenting CABARETaDa”, an always changing show that has been running all year. 

Along March 2013 they independently started the recording of our first EP. It includes 5 songs that reach deeper in their need of expressing what they have inside and what they want to convey in this new adventure that they are beginning, and that so far has left them in the final rounds of the prestigious competition “Sona 9”, has given them some shout-outs in the media (Catalunya Radio, Radio Estel, Enderrock Magazine and local press) and has allowed them to present our music all around Catalonia in the short time our EP has been out. 

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