Morning Smoke

Post-punkers from Brighton

Monday 8th February 2016

Morning Smoke are Milo McNulty (lead vocals/guitar), Max Wright (lead guitar), Christopher Shaw (bass) and Isaac Ide (drums/vocals).

Their combination of melancholy vocals soaring nolstagically over fuzzed out raw guitars is utterly enthralling. The coming together of those elements is jarring in the way that post-punk should be but somehow their music plays out more anthemically than the majority of the genres predecessors, which is perhaps why they describe themselves as a noise-pop outfit.

So far the band have released an EP, ‘In Euphoria’ and three singles ‘Hunger’, ‘Unknown’ and 'Soft Decay' since forming in 2013, and have already gained support from Radio 1 and XFM.

Their most recent effort, ‘Soft Decay’ was released in December 2015 and might be their most impressive statement yet - underpinned by Isaac Ide and Christopher Shaw’s inventive bass and drums, Milo McNulty and Max Wright wring thick fogs of distortion from their guitars, as McNulty passionately howls his way through the track. Listen to it below:

'Soft Decay' was recorded by Rory Atwell, who has previously worked with Palma Violets, The Vaccines and Yuck, the single comes with the equally impressive b-side 'How Does It Feel' which you can hear below as well:

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