Monday 9th January 2012

Museum approach their design and their self-description in a rather minimalist way. Black and white, distinct lines, little information. „museum are a band from Hamburg,“ as they write on their website, that‘s it. Their music, on the other hand, is not at all minimalist. Their exceptional cross between electronics and elevated indie rock reads as rampant, complex, sparkling and most of all really loud.

In 2005 they released their first EP „old firehand“, followed by „exit wounds“ in 2007. Deciding to give their songs away for free, museum saw an incomparable internet career taking off, as it is quite uncommon for German bands: over the course of two years the songs spread multiple times all over the globe. Today they are the most scrobbled unsigned band world wide, counting over 130,000 listeners on the world‘s biggest music site

After two years of hard work and many shows they have now completed their first album called „traces of“. In spring 2011 it was mastered in New York, containing eleven songs not afraid of grand gestures and a unique mix of stadium worthy pathos, grand melodies and artful electronic sound as it is rarely seen in Germany. Eleven songs immediately capturing, yet challenging the listener; never insignificant, always exciting. Contributing to the artwork of the record is renowned German photographer Ricarda Roggan, whose images of crashed cars exactly picture the cross between sombreness and grandeur, between beauty and destruction, as it is fundamental to museum‘s music.

Museum are ready. They are ready to shake up Germany‘s sleeping rock music and to show that it pays off to be daring. They are ready to take their glitter leaking, ecstatic live show to the world‘s concert halls. What next?

130,000 listeners worldwide... "Showing the world that German rock music can be more than Rammstein, the Scorpions and Tokio Hotel,“ says singer and songwriter Tobias Hermes, "that‘s what we intend to do.“


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