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Dot to Dot 2016 Playlist

Monday 18th April 2016

2016 looks set to be a great year for fans of Mystery Jets. One of the most genuinely interesting British indie bands to come out of the last decade, with their mysterious roots in "The White Cross Revival" happenings on Twickenham's Eel Pie Island, Blaine Harrison et al returned to the scene late last year with their fifth album 'Curve Of The Earth' coming out in January.

2016 also sees the band return to Dot to Dot Festival as co-headliners, so to mark the long awaited appearance we asked drummer, Kaps, and bassist, Jack, to put together a festival playlist, pulling together some great songs - new and old. From The Beatles and Paul Simon to Spring King and Black Honey - have a listen to the playlist below:

Read below for a few words form Jack and Kaps about their choices.

Chosen by Jack Flanagan 

The Beatles - “Yesterday”
This is the first track I ever played on repeat and it remains one of my favourite songs to this day. My oldest brother played me this when I was four, telling me that I had the same hair (a bowl cut) as Paul McCartney, this was my first foot through the door of wanting to write songs.

Paul Simon - “Run that Body Down”
If I could put one album in a time capsule as a reminder of myself today, it would have to be Paul Simon's self titled from 1972. Simon's sense of musicality and melody is one that can’t often be matched, especially on this record. There's a song it called 'Run that Body Down' which can do wonderful things for the soul.

Field Music - " Disappointed"
Having always admired Field Music, when they put out the Prince-esque “Disappointed” this year, I really felt like they stepped the game up. It has amazing grooves with a real pop sensibility to it.

Thundercat - “Them Changes"
This song sounds like something Steely Dan would write after an all nighter out on the tiles. It has so much soul in the melody, with lots of obscure harmonies complimenting it! So much auto-wah too…I love auto-wah.

Spring King - "Rectifier"
I keep hearing this song on the radio and finding myself liking it more and more each time. It's one of those tunes you could imagine really kicking off on the festival circuit this year, heavy in all the right places.

Black Honey - "All my Pride"
Black Honey have been on repeat in my humble abode. Taking 'motion-picture esque' sonic themes and placing them on top of garage rock has never sounded so cool. They're one of the few young bands around at the moment with a real sense of artistic vision, they’re creating their own world for people to come and join.

The Magic Gang - "Lady Please"
After recently seeing Magic Gang playing at the 100 Club, I realised how great these guys really were. They’re playful melodies really give the current day music scene a breath of fresh air; they totally smash it live too.

Chosen by Kapil Trivedi

Isaac Gracie - "Last Words"
Last words is one of my favourite songs in recent years. Not a lot is known about Isaac Gracie apart from the fact that he's from Ealing and writes these beautiful, simple, yet magnetic songs. Last Words really gripped me so I then went a manhunt for more of his music, I really can’t wait to hear more of his music, he's truly one to watch!

Declan Mckenna - “Brazil"
Do not mistake the hype surrounding teenager Declan Mckenna as simply just hype. He self released "Brazil", a song about the corruption around the Brazilian world cup. We had the honour of taking him on the road with us, he's one to watch and a very special talent.

Gum - "Anesthetized Lesson"
This is a great little song by multi instrumentalist Jay Watson, well known for his work in Pond abut even more well known for his work in that band we all love, Tame Impala. "Anesthetized lesson" is a little more modest in its production when compared to a Tame Impala record but musically it doesn't stray too far.

Tame impala - "Let It Happen"
Which brings me onto one of the best songs ever! I loved this band since there first record and if they continue to make music this good I will have no other option but to get them tattooed onto my forehead.

Tony Allen - "Moving On"
Tony Allen who's one of the most incredible drummer's of all time and very well known for his work with Fella Kuti released a record last year. The song I love is called "Moving On". Everything anyone could love about West African afro beat is condensed into 6:41 seconds, with some seriously sick drumming!

Talk Talk - "I believe in you" 
It was written for his brother Ed who died after years of drug abuse. In this song Mark Hollis is desperately trying to understand why his brother (Ed) needed it & the pain he felt when he saw his brother on drugs. It's an incredibly emotional song, and from an album that constantly inspiring us in new ways.

Watch the stunning video to latest single 'Bubblegum' below, filmed at the iconic Maunsell Sea Fort, which has previously seen service as a WWII defence installation and a pirate radio station base.

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