Napoleon Solo


Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Napoleon Solo is Alonso together with his brother Miguel Angel (keyboard), José (bass), Jaime (guitar) and Luismi (drums).  They are based in Granada, a Spanish city with a rich musical culture and from where top bands seem to spring up like mushrooms… must be something in the water!

Beyond their Andalucian origens there are many indications that this band points towards the cosmos, that they are a little bit extraterrestrial in the Spanish music scene….  Could it be the way Alonso sings, or his lyrics maybe that force him into using highpitched voices, almost caricaturish:  “in some tracks it was necessary to look for new tones, that the voice jumped out of its skin” says the 23 year old band leader, classical music fanatic since childhood and whose lyrics alternate between existencialism and adolescent love with total ease.

Napoleon Solo’s music is unexpected, different.. espectacular.  “Sometimes there are a lot of voices, instruments that sound for five seconds and no more, and even orchestral arrangements, shrill voices, low voices… more than a studio album it’s a show, from this comes the title” explains Alonso. 

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