Friday 31st October 2014

NELEONARD. We believe in Nele’s lyrics, in their clear ideas about making POP songs: big, full of detail, with the goal of getting you hooked on the first listen, and not at all hesitant to talk about LOVE and the disappointments of relationships, whatever kind they may be. And that’s exactly why NELEONARD’s record label debut is going to be the first 10” in the catalogue of our collection for new artists, New Adventures In Pop. It’s a collection of songs capable of incorporating everything from the wide range of sounds of LA BIEN QUERIDA, to the lyrical sensitivity of Ana Fernández-Villaverde, the delicacy of a young LE MANS, the emotion of BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, an instrumental classicism close to bands like THE DIVINE COMEDY, FELT’s delicate guitars, or the memory of Spanish folk-pop groups from the 70s like José y Manuel, SOLERA, PICNIC and NUEVOS HORIZONTES.

Since their personal project was born in 2012, Nele have been adding people to the group to really give these songs everything they needed: Laura Alonso, Elena Comas, Guille Rodríguez, Eloy Bernal and Pedro Señalada, who come from bands like GÚDAR, LOS PROBETA, DIE KATAPULT, GABRIEL Y VENCERÁS and HIBERNALES. And step by step, the moment has finally arrived to get into the Caballo Grande Studios, with the production work of Cristian Pallejà (NISEI, FRED I SON) and Ferran Resines (BLUEBERRY HILL).


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