Nelson Can


Monday 30th April 2012

Nelson Can is a Danish all female-band. They (re)united in March 2011 and on went on their first tour in January 2012 at the same time as they released their 5-track debut EP.

The EP is recorded and produced by Noah Rosanes and is released on the record label  10.000 Records who signed the band.

The band consists of Signe Tobiassen, Selina Lannie and Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft who are the previous members of the now dissolved band Niels På Dåse. In 2011 the three girls decided to restart the collaboration and made the band Nelson Can. It's a new band, but it's the same three girls (just a bit older), even more energy, new instruments and English lyrics.

The music is built up on a principle about “keeping it simple” and bands like the White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Gossip has been a big inspiration.

In true riot grrrl-style the band has a “we can do it!”-attitude towards everything they do, including the making of their music videos, which the girls have done all on their own.

On stage the strong attitude with only Tami on drums and Signe’s triple output bass explodes when Selina starts singing with her powerful raspy voice.

The band has been getting lots of good reviews in Denmark, and their calendar is packed with concerts the spring out including shows on festivals like Roskilde Festival and Spot Festival. Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland will be getting a visit from the three girls as well.

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