Tuesday 4th November 2014

NEONSCHWARZ is the collaboration of Johnny Mauser, Marie Curry, Spion Y and Captain Gips – every single one of them being a talented artist, rapper, DJ and sprayer. Together they reflect 70 years of Hip Hop history. A supergroup like this only excists once.

2010 they had their first hit "On a journey" – the song spread without any promotion, just because of it’s funky video on Youtube and it quickly became a summer tune. Then they toured. They surely know every autonomous youth centre between Kiel and Bern from the inside. They played in clubs, in front of clubs and even on top of clubs, in hangars and tents and created enthusiasm as opening act for some superstars.

NEONSCHWARZ isn’t just famous for their positive, hedonistic and life-affirming videos, they also manage to bring this vibe on stage. The four present themselves as a gang of little rascals somewhere between going nuts and going on permanent vacation. This is true love based on a lovestory which isn’t set up in form of a novel, but is build in the hamburger “Zeckenrap-scene”. Four awesome people with heart and brain, who like to push rap from hamburg forward.

Between spray cans and stencils in a student living community in grubby St Pauli the project NEONSCHWARZ was born. The first band session took place at the legendary Fusion Festival. But their roots can be found deep in the swamps of old Hip Hop coteries and weed connections. Nowadays the four of them only split when one has to go get the next Cuba Libre.

They find the right words for wrong conditions, they reflect and they rap about social bondage and the fight for open spaces. They position themeselves in the Danger Zone. They’re solidary, old school and – even with a ban – give a fuck about banal gangsterposes.

With the hamburg based independent record label Audiolith the four Schwizzys found the godfather to trust in and the right circle of other freedom-loving artists. Together with lots of different activists they also formed the network Ticktickboom. NEONSCHWARZ think outside of the box.

Their debut album “Fliegende Fische” will be released by Audiolith 19th September.

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