Nerds On Prom Night


Monday 30th April 2012
nopnmainThis isn’t our first band. Not even the second. And that’s why we know: less isn’t more, but usually just boring.  Three guitars are simply better than two, but two ideas don’t make a song.

When we met in a former nuclear shelter in Munich five years ago, we found our common musical ground somewhere in between prog rock, disco, power-metal and Roxette.

We came from different directions but were aiming for the same: no boundaries and no false compromises.

Since then we’ve been searching. For the perfect mix between nerdy guitars and guitar-driven pop. For the intersection of headbanging and mirror balls. And for the secret formula that merges Oasis, Death Metal and the cheesy pop ballad on your first high school dance.

We've played in downtown clubs and hillbilly barns. We’ve discussed a single note for hours and written songs in fifteen minutes. There’s a lot of dedication, sweat and energy in this band. Because even if it’s not our first, and maybe not even our last, it’s still the best we’ve ever had.

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