Thursday 5th September 2013

Netanya is an Israeli/Swiss super group based in Berlin, Germany.

The Video "Sick Boys" was directed and performed in Berlin by the infamous Dance Duo Company - MATANICOLA, also featuring OFRIN an outstanding female performer and vocalist based in Berlin.

The album "We Are One Two Three" was written and produced by Micha Kaplan after the collapse of his marriage and the events following this experience. The songs' extreme eclectic character reflect the emotional ride - rough, aggressive, yet full of humor and love.
(a musical salad of Oriental Pop, Dirty Noise Rock, Electro, Doom and Bitter Ballads).

Netanya was formed in 2010 by the Israeli musician Micha Kaplan in Berlin.
Between 2010 and 2012 Kaplan wrote recorded and produced the first Netanya album; „we are one two three“.
The songs are rough, aggressive, hooky, funny and weird, offering an intense sonic and emotional journey.

Many musicians from diverse musical backgrounds took part in this album, i.a.: Ofrin, Riff Cohen, Stefan Rusconi, Jake Zoo, Maya Dunietz, Bruno Dorella. 

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