Wednesday 4th September 2013

Josephine Ayling has recognised in various interviews that she is a non-conformist. When she still lived in Australia, she played in a band with Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun) and Pip Brown (Ladyhawke), but she left it to make more unconventional music with her other band Terrapin. Since she moved to Madrid in 2008, she has been part of Boat Beam (along with Aurora Aroca and Alisha Buttke), a band whose songs, instrumentation and sound has reflected this curiosity for the unusual. The three-piece has released two albums and an EP: “Puzzle Shapes” (Origami, 2009), “Paper Birds” (Origami, 2010) and “Reincarnation” (Origami, 2011).  On these releases, Boat Beam moved within and beyond the frontiers of pop and folk effortlessly. But Josephine´s growing interest in electronic music became a complete seduction, leading to her creating a new, parallel project called Nimio (which means “trivial and insignificant” in Spanish). A name she chose to make sure she wouldn´t take things too seriously.

Nimio is not exactly a solo project, although she does all the vocals, lyrics and original composition and programming. It´s also a vehicle for collaboration with other musicians. Josephine sees it as a way to escape from the routine and enrich her creativity by learning from others. In early 2013 she released the “Giant” EP with EME DJ (Subterfuge, 2013), the first single by this established Spanish DJ and a true collaboration – Josephine created and sang the vocal part, and later did a remix (you can hear it on At the same time Josephine was working on her own EP, entitled “I Am Your Satellite”, created with the help of one of the most respected up-and-coming producers in Spain, Barcelona´s Carles Guajardo (bRUNA). 

bRUNA is a producer with a unique approach, whose own albums evoke all kinds of emotions, tenderness and nostalgia, but whose beats are what ultimately become the protagonists. It was easy for Josephine to feel an affinity with this combination of darkness and light, and despite the distance between Madrid and Barcelona they worked together with a common goal – to create a daring debut EP. Their creative understanding is notable from the beautiful first track, “Little Wings” to the relentless beats of the final track, “Waiting”.

This collaboration is the beginning of a project which is sure to leave listeners wanting more. In the short term, Josephine´s fascination with electronic music will influence the music she creates with Boat Beam, who will soon be returning to the scene with a third album. A person whose hunger for change is never satisfied, Josephine is likely to surprise everyone with her future artistic output. But in the meantime, she will continue to collaborate with UK-based producer Lost Twin, whose remix of “Little Wings” (created in collaboration with Spanish producer Alizz) is, for some, the jewel of the EP. Josephine has co-written a song with Lost Twin for his new album, to be released before the year is out. She has also helped in the creation of the new EME DJ single, sung by Bravo Fisher, and if you´re out and about in Madrid, you might just catch her deejaying at some of the capital´s coolest establishments.


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