No Band For Lluvia


Tuesday 10th January 2012

No Band For Lluvia is one of the best kept secret in the spanish underground music scene.

The multifaceted Lluvia Rojo (a famous spanish actress thanks to a very popular show called "Cuentame" about a family who lives in the Franco Era) shares the leadership with the ex Sunday Drivers Lyndon Parish, Dario Lofish and Kevin Kajetzke, ex Iconoclast, on of the most famous New York based punk groups in the nineties.

The group have influences from the New York and Berlin underground music scene because Lluvia spent a lot time living in both cities. The first one when she was a teenager and could spend a lot of time in the underground clubs from the Lower East Side when New York wasn't the theme park that is today. In Berlin also live a little bit and took from the city the spirit of the drum n' bass, electronic and the electroclash.

Their first album is "Dead End",a mix of garage, punk and electroclash that have a good reception in Madrid independent scene. The tour around Spain will start in 2012.

No Band For Lluvia is one of the Spanish independent music scene best kept secrets. An intense Pop – rock band with an electric touch that creates the perfect symbiosis between good music and presence in the stage.

The actress, Lluvia Rojo shares the leadership with Lyndon Parish (ex-Sunday Drivers), Dario Lofish, Kevin Kajetzke (ex Iconoclast) and Pascu Monge

Their first album, “Dead End”, will be available in shops next 8th of November.

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