Noonie Bao


Friday 8th March 2013

Who is Noonie Bao? – How do you answer a question like that? In many ways, music is all I know.

When I was really young I went on a lot of dates. Not my own, but my friends dates! Because all my friends though I sang so sweet, they would bring me along with them to the woods, where they would make out with boys and I would became their soundtrack. This is where my interest in singing began. I went to a renowned Swedish music high school. The teachers there wanted us to sing »nicely« and in the "correct" way. Not feeling as though I was fitting in, I quit after less than a year, packed my bags and moved to Switzerland to "find my own style" as you might say. I ended up in a tiny village in the mountains where a little old lady, who was my landlord, would only communicate with me through notes inserted under my door. Sometimes when she got visitors I was asked to come to the living room and, once again, act as the soundtrack when she asked me to sing "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera.

She didn’t mind that I didn’t know the lyrics. At this point, I also became friends with a piano dealer who lent me an old piano in a room above his shop. It was here, along with my tape recorder, that the first fragments of this album came to life.

"i am noonie bao." is therefore, in many ways, my own personal soundtrack over the last several years of my life. A soundtrack that I hope will touch you in a similar way to how the experiences I’m singing about have affected me.

Noonie Bao

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