Northern Soul - The Film


Thursday 21st February 2013

Firstly, for those that are a little unsure - Northern Soul was a movement that occurred in the heart of Industrial North England after Mod culture had died down. Northern Soul was one of the most prominent subcultures to emerge in the 1970s and essentially consisted of Soul enthusiasts and DJs who delved deeper and deeper into the near endless back catalogue of 1960s American Soul music and who championed rare 45s and B-sides. The expressive style of dance that Northern Soul is famous for is inspired by the eccentric performances of Soul artists like Jackie Wilson.

Northern Soul the film tells the tale of two young lads whose worlds are changed forever when they discover and get caught up in the Northern Soul scene of the 1970s. In the same way that the films award winning writer and director Elaine Constantine did herself during her youth.

The reflection of Elaine's Northern Soul fascination in the main characters, along with her meticulous attention means that this film is going to be an authentic and accurate representation of the Northern Soul culture and style up on the big screen.

The films faithful recreation of the Wigan Casino all-nighters in all their glory actually took place in Blackburn's King George's Hall, as The Grand Arcade shopping centre stands in the place of the original Wigan Casino. When filming was taking place, Northern Soul enthusiasts of all ages were invited down to be extras in the club and dancing scenes and got the chance to do their thing on camera.

The two young friends, portrayed by newcomers Elliot Langridge and Josh Whitehouse are aspiring DJs and the film see's them go on a journey of self-discovery - all set to what is bound to be a kick ass soundtrack. The films portrayal of adolescent escapism will give it cross generational appeal, as they say on the official website...

"Northern Soul intends to appeal to a generation of existing fans while attracting a modern audience who will relate to youth culture from another era. If you were there, you'll know. If you weren't there, you'll wish you had been!"

Northern Soul the film will also star some familiar names in the form of Steve Coogan and Ricky Tomlinson and is due for release in Autumn 2013.


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