New album 'Cosmic'

Thursday 13th October 2016

Photograph by Don Perry

Memphis 4-piece Nots released their second album 'Cosmetic' on 9th September 2016.

The sound on 'Cosmetic' has evolved from the garage punk style their 2014 debut 'We Are Nots', and whilst they're still a wild and chaotic guitar band at their core, the influences on show here are slightly more experimental. Leaning more heavily towards post-punk, no-wave, and psych - most notably on the 7 minuite belter, 'Entertain Me' which you can listen to below:

Singer, guitarist and lyricist Natalie Hoffman explains that the album track 'Inherently Low' was difficult for her to write about - 

"It deals very much with depression and loss. The chorus describes a feeling of being trapped in your current state of mind, so much so that it begins to feed upon itself and falsely make you believe that you always were and always will be that way. I believe that in many ways this feeling is created and perpetrated by a society that is set up to purposefully keep many people low - undereducated, unable to be healthy, and just generally depressed at the current state of affairs in the world - in order to benefit a select group who hold the strings, and who will do anything to keep control."

Watch a video of Nots performing the 'Inherently Low' live for Fred Perry at Sub-Sonic Live in Novemer 2015, see more from that gig here.

NOTS perform 'Inherently Low' at Sub-Sonic Live in 2015 

NOTS perform 'Shelf Life' at Sub-Sonic Live in 2015 

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