NZCA Lines

New project of former Ash and Hot Chip musicians

Wednesday 20th January 2016

NZCA Lines have released a video for their track '€œTwo Hearts'.€ Something of a modern day super group, the London-based€“ project led by Michael Lovett, with Charlotte Hatherley (Bat For Lashes, Ash) and Sarah Jones (Hot Chip) will drop their sophomore album 'Infinite Summer' on 22nd January via Memphis Industries. Outside of NZCA Lines, Lovett is perhaps best known as a live member of Metronomy, touring with the band in 2014 and lending his keyboard skills to their hit album 'Love Letters'.

Futuristic intelligent electronic pop, NCZA Lines will appeal to fans English Riviera era Metronomy, (interestingly both 'The English Riviera' and 'Infinite Summer' enjoyed input form different members of Veronica Falls - Charlie Alex March and Roxanne Clifford respectively). Watch the 'Two Hearts' video below.

Michael Lovett was influenced by classic science fiction and his own relationships whilst creating the concept album, stating "The album is based around the idea of a far-future Earth, where the sun has expanded to the size of a red giant and our extinction is imminent. Half of the world is covered by a city [Cairo-Athens] that clings to the past and embraces its destruction, whilst the other half is trying to rebuild, create and make something new. Yet, it'€™s good on both sides because it's warm everywhere and people just party most of the time." 

The preceding single to 'Two Hearts', 'Persephone Dreams' is also worth checking out, featuring some excellent guitar stylings from Charlotte Hatherly, whose skills have previously been put to work as a former member of Ash, a member of Bat For Lashes' live band and a solo artist under various guises.

NZCA LINES Infinite Summer track-listing:
Persephone Dreams
Chemical Is Obvious
Two Hearts
Infinite Summer
New Atmosphere
How Long Does It Take
Do It Better
Dark Horizon
The World You Have Made For Us

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